Over the years i have taught a wide ranges of courses and worked with graduate students looking at social justice issues. Currently i am working with students looking at Mi’kmaq knowledge and health, the history of sociology, social movements and state funding, alternative policy formation, Atlantic Canadian values, and perceptions of msaculinity and sport.  In the past i have worked with students looking at social movements, media, environmentalism, human rights, immigration, international agenda and policy setting, and Mi’kmaq and settler relations. I am open to working with those seeking to engage issues of inequity, politics, change, media, immigration, and agenda setting. Additionally i am interested in working with students interested in developing social statistics and applied research as well as those interested in neighbourhood change and Atlantic Canada.
Courses for 2015-2016 academic year
Courses taught in previous years
SOSA 3402            - Figuring Out Society (Research Methods) SOSA 4001/5001        - Quantitative Analysis for the Social Sciences I
Is there an Atlantic Canada? Issues in Social Justice Ethnicity, Race and Nation Media and Society MA Seminar in Sociology and Social Anthropology PhD Seminar in Sociology and Social Anthropology People and Society Quantitative Analysis for the Social Sciences I and II Society, Politics and Culture Social Movements Social Statistics  Survey Methods Time and Space