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Op-eds Media Interviews
2017 Global News (Halifax) -expert on federal politics 2017 CTV, News at 6 (Halifax) –expert on US politics 2017 Radio-Canada Premier Chaine (Halifax).  –expert on Halifax-Hakodate 2016 Global News (Halifax) -expert on provincial budget 2015 CTV, News at 6 (Halifax) –expert on immigration 2015 CBC Radio 1, Maritime Connection (Halifax) –expert on political advertising 2015 Global News (Halifax)  –expert on election  2015 CTV, News at 6 (Halifax) –expert on election  2015 CBC Radio 1, Information Morning (Halifax)  -expert on Census 2015 iKan Media TV (Edmonton) –expert on environment and media 2014 CTV, News Atlantic, New at 5, (Halifax) –expert on Canada’s Aboriginal Day 2014 Global Television, Evening News (Halifax) -expert on Nova Scotia immigration 2014 CBC Radio 1, Information Morning (Halifax)  –expert on Temporary Foreign Workers 2013 Radio-Canada, Phase Ouest, La Première Chaîne (Vancouver) –expert on Indigenous protest 2012 CBC Radio 1, Daybreak North (Northern BC) –expert on Temporary Foreign Workers. 2012 CBC Radio 1, Maritime Noon (Halifax) –expert on Maritime culture. 2012 Radio-Canada Premier Chaine (Halifax).  Place Publique (interviewed by Alain Clavette and with Luc Theriault –May 12) –expert on temporary foreign workers. 2011 Radio-Canada, La Première Chaîne (Ottawa) –expert on immigration